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"Somewhere in the zone between ambient, world music, and prog new age, De Mello's tasty production is full of atmospheric moments and haunting unresolved chord progressions. Though he's originally from Brazil, 'Bamboo Shadows' is as far from bossa nova as it is from disco. The sparse, echoing percussion in 'Yellow Bikes' sounds almost symphonic, and the sampled voices over simple string synth chords in 'Naam, Acrylic & Iron Wings' remind me of Laurie Anderson..."
---- KEYBOARD Magazine

New AgeWorld MusicAlternative Music "Although much of what I have written was meant to accompany visual circumstances, whether on stage or screen, my music is equally meant to stand on their own, away from their 'mother' images. That's because I am constantly attempting, with my musical architecture, to touch people's emotions; to be able to alter their heart beats with tense sensations or relaxing feelings ..." Mario Vaz De Mello

Part World Music, part Alternative, part New Age and part Crossover -- with its varied sound textures and singular musical personality -- BAMBOO SHADOWS reaches a new contemporary attitude in electronic music. Combining pop, traditional classical and techno influences and carrying a genuine and unique multi-ethnic charisma, Mario Vaz De Mello's provocative blend of Latin heritage and Electronic Contemporary compositions -- overflowing with endless and inspiring visual suggestions -- breaks new musical ground. 

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Bamboo Shadows

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