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"De Mello's tasty production is full of atmospheric moments and
haunting unresolved chord progressions."
---- KEYBOARD Magazine

"For lack of a better word -- super!"
---- MP3.COM

"Definitely something new..."
---- Top Picks


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Bamboo Shadows / CD Credits: (top of page)

Music composed, arranged and performed by Mario Vaz De Mello (ASCAP)
Produced / Engineered by Mario Vaz De Mello.
Recorded / Mixed at "Dead Silence Studios", NYC
Mastered by Edward Aames at "Breathless Music ", NYC
Design by Motoi Nakamura
(C) & (P) 2000 VMA Records * Made in USA. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws.

Bamboo Shadows / Author's Note: (top of page)

e x p l a n a t i o n
Kolor262 should show up in the periodic table: no need for redundancies.
"The Bamboo Harvester's Narrative"(it's in the middle): because pikers are not permitted
(but everything does not need to be in any particular order).
e X c I t I n g
E x C L a M A t I o N
Press the button, stroll the filling and don't trust IDs.
Press button again. Press. Press.
"BodyParts" is supposed to be a secret. "Bea 3" was finally included.
You will also find "Calypso", "Voo" and "Festa" (among others).
Don't be confused: the harvester (a.k.a. the picker) isn't Ikiua Akakakai.
After-hours cue: k262 is not Erbium, but picker used to be 'pick+Er'. Notice that
there is a huge difference between Er and ER.
Also about surprise tracks: is it a twenty-first century quirk?
(2000: The future is once again one hundred years ahead of us).
streets-gifts, streets-gifts, streets-gifts, streets-gifts, streets-gifts, ...
It is not incomplete, I just didn't talk about everything.
This CD wouldn't be possible without the countless persons who were somehow
involved with the many productions around the world
from where these tracks once belonged.
Analogies allowed. Transgenic people welcome.
Don't blink your ears.
Mario Vaz De Mello (finally pluglished).

Thanks to: (top of page)

The people from the basement, Gustavo Ariani, Irene Mafra, Kiki and Paula Lavigne, Caetano Veloso,
Bebel Gilberto and Sergio Maciel, Coaracy Nunes Neto, Suely Vera and Michael Maccarrone,
Ana Kfouri, Roberto Jabor, Maritza and Mario Alvaro (together with the aristocracy of the Vaz De Mellos
and the cast of the Viannas' saga), Mario César e Manu, André Cunha, Enrique Diaz, Maria Joana,
Adam Cohen, Gillian Berkowitz, Robert Di Pietro, John Bucchino (and the beautiful title), Mother
Juan Aviance, Alina Slonim, Béco Dranof, Isabel Moreira, Luzia Baker and Patrick Leung (avec Luca).
Mark Allison and The Spirit Level, for your constant technical and psychological support.
Amaryllis Vianna, for your tireless strengh and love.

Bamboo Shadows / Press Release: (top of page)

Mario Vaz De Mello / BAMBOO SHADOWS

"I consider Mario Vaz De Mello a genius. His musical mind has no boundaries..."
Grammy nominee singer/songwriter Bebel Gilberto.

Brazilian-born artist/composer/producer Mario Vaz De Mello's debut CD, BAMBOO SHADOWS, is hitting music charts around the world. Currently the artist was already spotted as #1 in the US, France and Australia. The CD, pre-released last winter on exclusively, can now be found in all U.S. music stores. With his debut album, Vaz De Mello -- who nowadays resides in New York City -- establishes himself as one of the most innovative artists to have stepped into the world of electronic/soundtrack music.

Raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by the shores of Ipanema Beach, Vaz De Mello traded in his surfboard for a piano while still a teenager, focusing on musical studies in Composition and Conducting at the prestigious Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and later at New York University -- where he ultimately earned a scholarship and a Masters of Arts in Music Technology. Since his early works, Vaz De Mello's music constantly explores the combination of conventional musical instruments with electronic music devices and computer programming. Throughout his career, the artist has gathered extensive training and experience composing and performing instrumental music for theater, dance and television. To date Vaz De Mello has scored more than fifty different stage and screen productions and his music has been continuously performed in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

"Although much of what I have written was meant to accompany visual circumstances, whether on stage or screen," Vaz De Mello says, "my compositions are equally meant to stand on their own, away from their 'mother' images. That's because I am constantly attempting, with my musical architecture, to touch people's emotions; to be able to alter people's heart beats through their feelings and sensations..."

Part World Music, part Alternative, part New Age, and part Crossover -- with its varied sound textures and singular musical personality -- BAMBOO SHADOWS' provocative blend of Latin heritage and Electronic Contemporary compositions combines pop, traditional classical and techno influences, brought together through tracks such as the episodic 'The Old Man & The Mountain', 'Bea 3' and 'Calypso', or the percussive 'Fangs', 'Festa Dois' and 'Cavalla'. 'BodyParts' approaches the classical, while 'Kolor262' has a decided pop sensibility. Dark tones are portrayed in 'Voo' and '5 Oms', while lighter moods are evoked in 'Yellow Bikes' and 'Naam'. Carrying a genuine and unique multi-ethnic charisma, Vaz De Mello's thirteen tracks -- overflowing with endless and inspiring visual suggestions -- break new musical ground.

Mario Vaz De Mello / BAMBOO SHADOWS
"Haunting, intriguing, hypnotic ..."

Mario Vaz De Mello is thrilled with the enthusiastic response to his release, including a publishing contract with "Global Graffiti", a music enterprise for movies and television in Los Angeles, California.


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